May 4, 2015

Honoring Our Past…Building Our Future

Restoration Update

May 4, 2015

Work continues this week with the windows.  The workers have begun to paint the frames that have been scraped with the first coat of primer.  You may have noticed a large piece of equipment parked to the right of the church.  This is a boom-lift that the workers are using to access the windows on the front of the church.  It will also be used for the back.

There is also being work done to replace some of the lintels and bricks around the windows in the back of the church and rectory.  They are rusted and deteriorated, which has caused the bricks around these window to become loose and unstable.

Please continue to pray for the safety of the workers and pedestrians…and for a job well done!

 Replacement of lintel and bricks around windows. Window frames scraped and primed.