May 25, 2015

Honoring Our Past…Building Our Future

Restoration Update

May 25, 2015

     The work on the first phase of the windows and repointing is nearing completion.  Next for the windows is repair and cleaning and the installation of the protective coverings.  The timeframe of this work depends on the amount of repair necessary.  We already have one inspection report and bid in hand and are awaiting a second.

     During the week of June 1st we will begin the replacement of the sidewalk in front of the church and parish office on Jefferson Street.  Initially, only the sidewalk in front of the parish office was thought to need replacement.  However, upon further inspection, it was recommended by our architect that the sidewalk in front of the church also be replaced.  It has pulled away from the steps and will continue to worsen if not treated.  This sinking and cracking of the sidewalk is caused by the washing away of the soil underneath (made worse by Hurricane Sandy) and is a tripping hazard.  The plan is to take away the old sidewalk, level the ground and place gravel (for proper drainage and support) as a base for the new one.  This should remedy the situation and prevent further damage.

     Daily Mass will continue during the week but we will not be able to have any funerals as it will be impossible to bring a casket into the church.  Access to the church for parishioners will be through the side door, up the ramp.  Sunday Masses will not be impacted as the work should be finished by then.

     Work is scheduled the following week for replacing the sidewalk on 7th Street.  There is a tree there that has roots pushing up the sidewalk causing large cracks.  This area along with the area in front of the parish office has been identified by our insurance company as a hazard that needs to be repaired.  Once again upon further inspection it was recommended by our architect to replace the whole sidewalk on 7th to provide continuity with the front of the church.

     Finally, the St. Ann Shrine in front of the parish office will also be replaced.  It is built directly on the sidewalk, and like the sidewalk, it shows the wear and tear of many years of dealing with the elements, especially Hurricane Sandy.  It will be basically the same design as the current shrine and will be built with bricks donated by a benefactor.

     The area directly in front of the shrine and up the walkway to the parish office will be stone pavers.  These pavers will be used as memorials in the future.  More news on that later!

     If you have not yet contributed to the Restoration Campaign, you can pick up a donation envelope in the back of the church and mail it in to the parish office or drop it in the collection basket.  Thank you to all who have participated so far!

     Please continue to pray with me for the safety of the workers and pedestrians as well as a job well done.


fr remo

Damaged sidewalk in front of the parish office. St. Ann Shrine to be replaced with similar design.
Sidewalk separation from the church steps. Sidewalk separation from the church steps
Damage caused by tree on 7th Street. Area in front of the shrine and up the parish office walkway where the memorial bricks will be placed.