June 8, 2015

Honoring Our Past…Building Our Future

Restoration Update

June 8, 2015

     The work on the sidewalk continues.  The 7th Street sidewalk is just about complete.   Work in front of the parish office was started last week.  This is the area where the memorial pavers will be placed, from  the St. Ann Shrine to the edge of the church steps and up the walkway towards the parish office.  Concrete will be poured for the sidewalk extending from the church steps to the curb.  This work should be complete within the next week or so.

     There has been a long standing problem of water seeping into the church basement.  To fix this, soil was dug out around the base of the building, the bricks were repointed and covered with tar and a protective material that will make it water proof.

     You may have noticed that the boom lift has been moved from the front of the church to the back parking lot.  That is because work has begun on the repointing of the bell tower.  Much of the water damage you can see in the sanctuary of the church, above the altar, has been caused by leaks coming from this area.  This should solve the problem.

     We also had two stained glass window consultants come and evaluate our windows.  Overall, they are in good shape.  However, there is some maintenance and repair work that needs to be done.  That work can be done from inside the church and has yet to be scheduled.  The work on the window frames will be completed soon and the new protective coverings installed before the Feast.

     Please continue to pray for God’s continued blessing on our Restoration Campaign, that the physical restoration and renewal that is taking place may reflect a deep spiritual renewal that is taking place in our parish.  May the success of this campaign be for the glory of God and the salvation of souls!


fr. remo

Sidewalk in front of the parish office removed. Sidewalk being poured in front of Parish Office.
Concrete walkway removed…to be replaced with memorial pavers. Tar and waterproofing material at the base of the north side of the church.
 Tar and waterproofing material at the base of the north side of the Parish Office. Sidewalk being poured at the front and side of the church.
Sidewalk being poured at the front of the church. Repointing of the bell tower.