June 22, 2015

Honoring Our Past…Building Our Future

Restoration Update

June 22, 2015


The replacement of the sidewalks on Jefferson and 7th Streets is completed.  Work continues on the installation of the memorial pavers in front of the St. Ann niche and up the walkway to the parish office.  Work on the rebuilding of the niche has also begun.

The work on the church tower continues.  The workers have stated that the tower was in pretty bad shape…many cracks through which water has been entering and causing much damage.  The repointing will remedy the situation.

You may have noticed that a portion of the parking lot wall on Madison Street is missing.  A section of the wall to the left as you exit the parking lot has been taken down and will be replaced with a chain link fence.  This was done to remedy a very dangerous situation.  With the wall present, it was impossible to see if any pedestrians or cars were coming from the left until the vehicle was out on the sidewalk.  There were many close calls with pedestrians and bicyclists almost being hit.  Now there is clear vision for both drivers and pedestrians to see.  There will also be a safety mirror installed at the exit onto 7th Street to assist both drivers and pedestrians in seeing each other.

Please continue to pray for God’s blessing on our Restoration Campaign!


fr. remo


Concrete walkway removed to be replaced with memorial pavers.  Notice the remains of the brick foundation of the original church in the foreground. Workers begin to rebuild the St. Ann niche and install the memorial pavers.
The right panel is a sample of the refinishing of the church doors. A portion of the parking lot wall to the left of the Madison Street exit was removed for safety purposes.  Now both cars leaving the lot and pedistrians passing the exit can see each other.