Brick Paver Memorial


As part of our restoration campaign, “Honoring our Past…Building our Future”, we have created a brick paver memorial in front of the newly built St. Ann Shrine and along the rectory walkway.  Mark your place in our church’s history and purchase a brick paver, in memoriam, for a loved one or in special recognition of a family member or friend. 


This brick paver memorial fundraiser was launched the weekend of November 21st and 22nd.  Samples of the engraved brick pavers are available for your viewing on a table at the back of the church along with a pamphlet about the program and order forms.


You will be able to purchase the brick pavers in two sizes:


4”x8” containing up to three lines of lettering with a maximum of 13 characters per line for $500


8”x8” containing four lines of lettering with a maximum of 13 characters per line for $1000


The brick pavers will be sold in phases.  A maximum of 300 pavers will be available for purchase during the first phase.  Each purchased engraved paver will adhere to a specific pattern designed by our architect.  A rendering will be available illustrating the area (not specific location) where each paver will be carefully placed.


For a Brick Paver Memorial Program brochure CLICK HERE.


For a Brick Paver Memorial Order form CLICK HERE.


Commemorate the memory of a loved one by purchasing an engraved paver.  The proceeds from the paver sales will go directly to the restoration campaign. Thank you!

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