Honoring Our Past…Building Our Future

Restoration Update

October 13, 2015


As the leaves begin to fall, the “Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future” restoration campaign continues to move forward at full speed!  We are in the final stages of Phase 1 and the exterior work is almost  complete.  The men are working on the roof and the gutters on the right side of the church.  They will be moving to the 7th Street side soon.  The new protective coverings have been installed on the stained glass windows, the doors of the church have been cleaned and the steps to the rear entrance of the parish center have been replaced.  The courtyard in front of the parish office is scheduled to have new landscaping work done the week of October 19th. 
The removal of the underground oil tanks and the remediation of the parking lot has begun.  The tanks were removed without incident, inspected and taken off the property on October 13th.  Work will continue over the next few weeks.
Please continue to pray for the safety of all involved and for a job well done!  If you have contributed to the cause, THANK YOU!  If you have not, you can still participate in this noble effort.  There are contribution envelopes in the back of the church for the taking.  You can also visit our website, www.stanhoboken.com for more information.
fr. remo
Good St. Ann, pray for us!
Old Covering of Stained Glass Windows   New Covering of Stained Glass Windows
Exterior Lamp before Cleaning   Exterior Lamp after Cleaning
Sample of One Panel of Church Door Cleaning   Completed Church Door Cleaning
Old Steps at the Rear Entrance to the Parish Center   New Steps at the Rear Entrance to the Parish Center
Removal of One of the Two Oil Tanks under the Parking Lot    

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