Pledge Status Update

Peace & blessings to all! Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to all who have so generously pledged and made contributions to the Honoring our Past…Building our Future restoration campaign.  For those who have not yet been able to make a commitment, time is running out! Please prayerfully consider making a donation or purchasing a memorial paver.  All contributions are appreciated and will bring us closer to our goal.It is with heartfelt appreciation, as your pastor, to share the following update on our current pledge status.

♦  As of 9/30/17, we have raised $2,058,415* in cash and pledges. This represents approximately 82% of our overall goal. Praise the Lord! Included in the $2,058,415, since the last update in March are the following:


♦   Feast Raffle Proceeds – $21,227

♦   We Are Living Stones Distribution – $14,729

♦   BCB Bank Grant – $5,000

♦   Memorial Paver Sales -$9,000


♦   Major work remaining – Part 1:  The replacement of the damaged beam in the basement. – Completed

♦   Major work remaining – Part 2: Phase 2&3 of the organ restoration. This is required to completely restore the internal workings of the organ to make it fully functional. – In Progress

♦   Major work remaining – Part 3: Overall renovation of the basement as a result of flooding from Sandy Storm. – In Progress

♦   Additional work needed– Stripping and repainting of the barrel ceiling due to the newer coat of paint separating from the older layers of paint.

♦   While we have been blessed with the progress that has been achieved to date, there is still considerable work needed to reach our goal of $2.5 million and we are actively collecting pledges to complete the remaining repairs in Phase 2 of the restoration.

♦   We are also accepting gifts of stock.  When stock is donated, the donor receives a tax deduction based on the stock’s Fair Market Value (FMV) at the time of the donation and not the cost of the stock, allowing the donor to reap benefits for a tax deduction for the stocks Appreciation in Value.

♦   Pledge forms may be obtained at the back of the Church or online at and mailed back to St. Ann Church or put in the collection basket.

♦   Please continue to pray for our parish in this endeavor and consider making a sacrificial contribution. Full parishioner participation will help us achieve our goal. Be a part of our Church’s future – a future forged in faith, hope and love. May God bless you for your generosity and bring you peace.


Gratefully Yours in Christ,

fr. remo


* Includes previous balance of building fund account prior to launch of campaign.