Campaign Overview/Goal

Our plan is to ensure our Church is preserved and operational for many generations to come.  It has been many years since our last renovation and the Church of St. Ann has weathered and become an aging structure.  The impact of Super Storm Sandy only exacerbated the repairs needed.  While most of the work appears to be cosmetic, the reality is that it is much more complex and costly and involves major infrastructure repairs.

It is urgent that the restoration begin now.  Without these repairs, the physical structure of the Church of St. Ann will continue to deteriorate and become further dilapidated.  We have established a 3 year restoration campaign with a goal of $2.5 million to complete all repairs.

The work will be performed in phases.  The first phase will include the exterior of the Church (roof, windows and gutters) to seal and prevent water leakage.  It will also include the replacement of our heating and cooling system with a new more efficient unit which will ultimately reduce our energey costs.  The second phase will include the interior of the Church (replastering of walls and ceilings and repainting).  Below is a detailed list of all repairs.

It is our hope and prayer that you will participate in Honoring our Past…Building our FutureCampaign to secure our beloved St. Ann Church’s future.  May you be blessed for your generosity.