April 27, 2015

Honoring Our Past…Building Our Future

Restoration Update

April 27, 2015

On Easter Sunday it was announced that work would begin on Phase 1 of the restoration of our beautiful church.  The main goal of this phase is to make the church “water proof,” to repair all the areas where water is entering the building, causing so much damage.  Coming to Mass these last few Sundays, you may have said, “I thought work was starting on the church…I don’t see any sign that anything is happening!”  Well the good news is that actual work began on April 23rd after all the permits were obtained from the city of Hoboken.

Workers are first removing all the plexiglass that is covering the outside of the windows.  The plastic has become very cloudy and is preventing light from coming into the church and is also blocking the full view of our beautiful stained glass windows from the outside of the church.  It will be replaced with a new material that will remain crystal clear while providing protection for the windows. The workers will then scape the old paint from the window frames, repair all damaged wood, caulk and paint them.  The lower windows will not require scaffolding but will be done with ladders.

At the same time, workers are also “repointing” the lower portion of the church exterior.  This is a process of removing any loose cement from between the rows of brick and then filling all the cracks and empty spaces with cement.

Please join me in giving thanks to God for the beginning of this work and in asking his continued blessing, guidance and protection as we move forward.  May our Blessed Mother intercede for us, that the exterior restoration of our church may be a sign of the spiritual restoration and renewal taking place within our parish family.  May the fruit of this campaign be greater glory to God and the salvation of souls!

 Good Saint Ann, pray for us!

Original Window      Grate And Plexiglass Removed
Window Frames Scraped And Filled Repointing…Repairing All The Cracks
Worker From Union Stone Cleaning And Restoration, Inc.